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Chi Rho Capers

The Chi Rho Files:  The Power Unleashed makes its debut with three performances June 16 through 18 at Normandy Christian Church.  For those who have followed the serial drama which first saw the light of day in January 1999, the third installment image002.jpg - 24637 Bytespicks up Tira’s story as she draws near to completing her “Special Assignment.” 

For the uninitiated, the Chi Rho series examines the face of Christianity by posing a curious question:  what if Jesus had died in 1963?  What would the world look like?  How different would the church be?  Would our own neighborhood be a safe haven in a free world, or the hotbed of Christian persecution?

For the third time, DIM members worked together to develop an hour-long script.  Over a very long weekend at the end of April, the group slaved over plot and dialog, crafting a story that demonstrates the growing spiritual maturity of the characters in the story.  At the same time, in-depth study of scripture not only informed the content of the script but sparked passionate debates that found their way into the dialog itself.

Several of the characters from both Investigations of the Unorthodox and The Assignment surface in The Power Unleashed.  Several new characters appear as well, and the production even features long-time DIM supporter and some-time-bit-player Jack Drake.  As a new Christian, Jack is excited not image004.jpg - 15797 Bytes only about working with DIM, but his new-found faith as well.

The program will also feature a restaging of DIM’s most popular play yet, The Assignment.  This second installment of the Chi Rho Files inspired Pastor Wes Patten to declare that DIM had taken its work “to a new level.”  If you missed The Assignment last November, this is the chance to make up for lost time.  And if you haven’t gotten on board with Chi Rho yet, get on board now!  The series is scheduled to wrap this November.

Worship Corner

There were a few nerves on edge at Normandy Christian Church on Easter Sunday.  Worship leader Kyle Moffitt openly talked about his butterflies before the 400-plus congregation which packed the school gymnasium specially rented for the day to meet the demands of Normandy ’s growing numbers. 

A number of different things were being tried during worship on Easter Sunday, not the least of which was the first serious attempt to incorporate drama into worship at Normandy.  Kyle openly wondered whether trying so many new things at once was a good idea!

Not to worry:   long-time DIM members Mike and Laura Brunk presented a tight eight-minute sketch about hypothetical passengers aboard the Titanic.  First-rate costumes from the Tux Shoppe and seamstress Lorraine Drake completed the illusion posited by the script for The Ship is Sinking, specially written for the event by Mike Brunk and Greg Wright.

A visitor was heard to remark to her host:   “That’s really impressive that you brought in professionals for your first Worship Drama!!”

Response was very positive.  Greg is working with the Wes and Kyle to develop more sketch ideas for use with future sermons.   Keep your eyes peeled!

Alumni Report

l        The drama team from Seatac Baptist Academy featuring Marybeth Moreland (King to Knight’s Pawn) earned the right to appear at the National Convention in Washington D.C. at the end of May by winning the state competition.  In Washington, the student-scripted drama — dealing with a teen’s struggle to resist suicide — took fourth place out of the 50 state entries.  Praise God for the way Marybeth has been used for His honor!

l        If you think you saw Jesus at Normandy Christian Church a couple Sundays ago, you were only half right!  While Wes Patten was away supporting missions in Viet Nam and the Philippines, Dave Stark (Ham in The Assignment) dressed as our Lord and delivered the Sermon on the Mount for the message in Wes’ place.  Dave began memorizing the 5th through 7th chapters of Matthew shortly after committing his life to Christ just over 18 months ago.  Last summer, Dave recited the 5th chapter at Normandy Arts Fest ’99, and was recently approached by Wes to present the whole text as an intro to an 18-week series on the Sermon.

l        Mike Brunk has agreed to direct The Haunting of Hill House for Redmond’s Redwood Theatre next fall. Mike’s recent turn at the helm for Redwood’s Ten Little Indians earned him a return engagement!  Jenn Wright, along with Dave Stark, has also wrapped her first season of judging for Redwood.

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