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Sign of Jonah Rescheduled

Sometimes God just reaches out and grabs you, and says, “Hey!  Nice idea, but I’ve got a better plan.”  Kind of like He did with Jonah!

For the first time in DIM’s six-year existence, performances of a DIM production were cancelled, due to a (providentially) untimely illness. 

A unique outreach-oriented drama, The Sign of Jonah features a large cast of characters in an ensemble performance.  The setting is Berlin, Germanimage002.jpg - 19934 Bytesy, but could be any modern city.  The angels have gathered to stage their own version of the Nuremburg trial; but it turns out everyone is to be brought up on charges, even the witnesses — even God!

Presiding over this trial is a judge, played by Linda Woltz (Linda has appeared in the Chi Rho series, originating the roles of Keilah in The Power Unleashed and Benaiah in The Assignment).  So, when Linda wound up flat on her back the day after Thanksgiving, so did our production!

But the play is an ideal outreach vehicle for anyone who has ever suffered through some great catastrophe in life, and has never been able to let go of the feeling that, somehow, someone somewhere ought to pay for it.

So we rescheduled our performances for Saturday and Sunday nights, January 6 & 7, at 7 PM.  In addition, we will be hosting a free pasta dinner at the church at 5 PM on Saturday the 6th for anyone who’d care to join us, as thanks for your continuing support!

A number of our faithful audience traveled long distances to make our original scheduled performances, and even brought friends.  We are terribly sorry for the short-notice cancellation, and any inconvenience it may have caused.  Let us know how we can make it up to you!

To reserve a place at the free pasta dinner, please contact us at 206-241-6149.  See you at the show!

DIM Founder Teams with HollywoodJesus

Pastor David Bruce has a very unique vision.  A full-time preaching pastor, David is also the webmaster and visionary behind the website hollywoodjesus.com.

One of David’s callings is to wrestle with the internet as a means of impacting popular culture.  Taking a cue from the enormous effect that the printing press had on the dissemination of the Gospel, Pastor Bruce wants to see the same thing happen with the web: and to a degree, he has succeeded tremendously.  By the end of the year, hollywoodjesus.com should surpass 19 million hits!

What makes this website so interesting?  What makes his work so noteworthy that everyone from Christianity Today to National Enquirer is paying attention?

David Bruce is an optimist; that is, he sees God working behind everything!  And in particular, David has an uncanny ability to dissect movies and show how they are part of a spiritual awakening in popular culture.  Not necessarily a Christian awakening, mind you, but at least an increased interest in things spiritual.  And David has taken it upon himself to minister to those seeking expanded spiritual meaning by making connections between popular spirituality and the Christian faith.

In looking at the number of responses he gets to his reviews, and the widely varying audience they represent (everything from “church lady” types to wiccans), it’s easy to see that he’s struck a particularly meaningful chord.

Starting in January of this year, DIM founder Greg Wright began a collaboration with David Bruce, providing web-page proofreading and editing on request.  This collaboration has expanded, as David has recruited Greg to cover both the advance publicity and release of the Lord of the Rings movies due out in 2001 and 2002.

Greg studied the fiction of J.R.R Tolkien while earning his degree in English Literature.  Greg’s training and current emphasis on ministry in the arts convinced Pastor Bruce he had found the ideal candidate to whom he could delegate responsibility for development of these web pages.  The Lord of the Rings movies promise to be the biggest cinematic event of 2001.

Check out Greg’s reviews at hollywoodjesus.com.  They can be found on the Upcoming Movies page.

Making a List and Checking it Twice

The holiday season is always busy; but directing or acting in a play or two always makes things more interesting.  Mike Brunk’s production of The Haunting of Hill House finished a three-weekend run at Redwood Theatre the first weekend in November.  The next weekend, Greg Wright’s production of Arthur Miller’s Broken Glass wrapped at Puget Sound Christian College.  DIM veteran Raymond Jones (Saint Joan and A Man for All Seasons) also wrapped a production of Sanders Family Christmas at his home church in December.  Santa’s elves gave them all a good report, which kept them off the “naughty” list for yet another year…

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