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Chi-Rho Double Trouble

DIM members are breathing a bit easier now that the holidays have arrived.  Imagine being relieved at only having the stress of the holiday season to face!!

Normally at this time of the year, DIM would be working on a Christmas show, juggling rehearsals around kids’ programs, shopping, and family planning.

This year, however, DIM decided to run plays the first three weekends of November, concluding the season’s opening work prior to the holidays.  In some respects, the plan worked.  In other respects, it didn’t.

For example:  by planning to perform Investigations of the Unorthodox and The Assignment in parallel, this meant the unprecedented task of rehearsing two plays in parallel.  With the inevitable illness or two thrown in, the rehearsal schedule became very compressed, and made for some interesting Dress Rehearsals.

DIM is also unfamiliar with running productions over three consecutive weekends, and mounting portable productions to be performed at multiple facilities.

Under the circumstances, casts and directors acquitted themselves well.  Each show had its minor miscues, as do all shows, but each only suffered one major jump.  And as audience members will agree, jumping four pages in Scene Two of Investigations is neither noticeable, nor necessarily bad.

The Assignment, however, is a much tighter script, and the two pages jumped by an early entrance on opening night left the small but appreciative crowd a little bit confused.

Nonetheless, the directorial changes that Jenn Wright brought to the restaged Investigations proved enormously effective.  Positive feedback from the academic staff at Puget Sound Christian College was also very welcome.  “It was wonderful hearing so much of Job and Paul,” offered retiring 40-year Old Testament Professor Richard Owen.

Patty Cram also made a spectacular directorial debut with The Assignment.  Audiences immediately took to both the staging and the characterizations.  George Rosok made deep impressions with his comic performance as Kenan, in an impressive stage debut.

Audiences now look forward to the next installment.

“DIM Jr.” Takes to Stage

What on earth can you possibly do to make your church Christmas pageant different and memorable?

In past years, DIM has scripted somewhat humorous, if obtuse, pageants attempting to answer that question.  Remember, if you will, the flying sheep in An X-Mas Carol, or the Kabuki Shadow Dance from Mary Had a Little Lamb.

This year at Normandy Christian Church, under the auspices of “DIM Jr.,” director Melissa Pitt has elected to take things in a different direction all together.

Since late September, her all-child cast has been preparing and rehearsing a version of the Little House on the Prairie story, Mr. Edwards Meets Santa Claus.  The show was cast from open auditions of the children who participate in NCC’s children’s programs.  The kids also run light and sound, and serve as assistant directors.

The cast features DIM associate George Rosok’s son Jacob.  The crew includes Jacob’s sister Emily, and Matthew Brunk, son of long-time DIM member Mike Brunk.  You may recall him as TI Josh in The Assignment.

Mr. Edwards has one performance on Friday night, December 3 at 7 PM.  Turn out to support these youngsters, lest their enthusiasm for drama dim!!  Call 206-878-4740 for more information.

Chi-Rho 3 Writing Sessions to be Set

Audiences are curious.  So is DIM.  Where is Chi-Rho headed? 

Does Tira complete her assignment?  Does Ham?  Is Jack Drake correct in thinking that Nico is destined for conversion? 

If you have an interest in writing, help us answer these questions.

Writing sessions are being planned for early January to develop the script for Chi Rho 3.  At the very least, there will be a one-day plot development session, followed by a dialog development weekend.  In addition, depending on interest, there may be groups for test-readings and dialog refinement as well.

If you are interested in trying your hand at script development, contact Greg Wright at 206-241-6149 and let him know about your interest level and dates of availability.  Veterans of past writing efforts are of course welcome as well.  Contact Greg with schedules.

Spring Free

What are you holding?  Let it go.
What do you grasp at?  Let it be.
What do your nervous fingers clutch?  Leave it lay.

For fear of death you cling to the lifeless –
                Let go,
                Let loose.

Embrace death, give yourself over to it,
For you shall surely live.

You seek sovereignty over the trivial,
The mundane, the temporal,
And forfeit dominion over death itself.

The Spring cools its heels but will not approach.
Its bounty and glory are yours for the taking
If only you cast your possessions aside,
And reach unencumbered for the infinite sunshine
And warmth that await you.

But you prefer your way and think it much better,
And so you hold fast to the familiar, the comfortable,
The safe and secure,
While the new life of Spring stands by expectantly
Beyond the bonds of your wintry shackles
To bathe you in its everlasting ardor.

If only you would just
                Let go,
                Let loose.

What do you cherish?  Leave it behind.
What does your heart long for?  Let it ride.
What do your trembling hands clasp?  Let it alone.

And turn your eyes to the Sun, the eternal Sun,
Accept the demise of your life of earthly concerns.
Succumb and surmount with the perfect Sun.
Die to self and you shall live.

    Spring free –
                Let go and live.

 James Wilhoit

Copyright (c) 2002 Greg & Jenn Wright