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Dramatic Insights Ministries is dedicated to bringing Christians to a fuller, richer relationship with their Lord, and a clearer understanding of His Word, through application of the dramatic arts to scripture and its interpretation. Dramatic Insights Ministries will also provide a framework for the training of Christians in the dramatic arts in preparation for expansion of the Christian ministry, within both the church and the community.

Dramatic Insights Ministries is an unincorporated, not-for-income organization. It has no material assets, and has no operating budget. Dramatic Insights Ministries primarily rehearses and performs scripts based directly on scripture or public-domain scripts; but when producing royalty-based material, DIM observes all national and international copyright law.

Dramatic Insights Ministries is not:

  • a production company
  • a performance group
  • a community theatre
  • a drama workshop
Dramatic Insights Ministries is: MUCH, MUCH MORE!


The dramatic arts are the foundation of Dramatic Insights Ministries (DIM). These include writing, acting, directing, producing, stage management, set design, lighting design, costuming, and so on. Obviously, in productions with little or no budget, many of these arts cannot be brought fully to bear; but as any set designer or dresser will tell you, low budgets call for the best talents available. DIM will provide for extensive experience with (and use of) several of the dramatic arts:

  • Writing. Because DIM can't usually afford to pay royalties for scripts, much of the rehearsed and performed material will be written by DIM staff members and fellows. Writers will be instructed on script layout and preparation, and will have ample opportunity for development of skills in dramatic structure, narrative flow and dialog. Most scripts will be developed through cooperative workshop sessions with other fellows and staff members.
  • Acting. DIM fellows will learn the joy of rehearsal. Actors will learn stage direction and movement, and how to connect emotionally with the characters they play; to truly experience their joy and their sorrow. Since the organization focuses on Insight and Ministry rather than performance, all fellows will also have the opportunity to perform all roles, regardless of gender, age, experience, or physical appropriateness.
  • Directing. DIM fellows will be allowed the opportunity to direct. They will be instructed in casting, dramatic interpretation, blocking and coaching.
  • Producing. DIM fellows will also be allowed the opportunity to produce. They will be instructed in planning, team building, publicity, budgeting, and Christian servanthood.


Use of the dramatic arts to gain insight to Christian principles is also one of DIM's primary goals. This will be accomplished through dramatic interpretation of many key moments in the lives of Biblical characters, dramatization of parables, and plays which focus on key elements of the faith. Imagine being able to know the peace and joy Stephen felt as he was being stoned; Peter's grief following his denials of Christ; the confusion in Noah's last meeting with Methuselah; the depth of Mary's sorrow in her son's death!

But these insights may pale in comparison to dramatic changes wrought in the lives of fellows through application of other fundamental Christian insights:

  • Discipline. Fellows will be required to attend weekly rehearsals. The program continues on a year-round basis. Only seven rehearsals each year will be suspended for holidays and breaks. Two absences will be allowed for vacations, which must be approved in advance. Two absences will also be allowed for illness. A fellow unable to attend rehearsals regularly will not be allowed to return to rehearsals until the fellow satisfactorily demonstrates a change in circumstance or personal discipline.
  • Humility. Fellows will be taught that talents are not to be exercised for personal glorification. Performance is not DIM's focus, and when many performances are held, curtain calls may be discouraged. Fellows will be taught to accept compliments and congratulations with humility while giving glory to God.
  • Fellowship. Fellows will be taught to honor and respect one another, and to be honestly concerned with the well-being of others. Sympathy is a by-product of the dramatic process.
  • Scriptural Study and Memorization. Since the text and subtext of most scripts will be scriptural, fellows will be exposed to a regular regimen of studying, analyzing, memorizing and internalizing the Bible.

The ultimate goal of this ministry is to train fellows to also take up the ministry. DIM is a discipling evangelical organization. All fellows will be regularly challenged to consider a full-time drama ministry through DIM. Fellows desiring to become DIM leaders will be required to complete training in writing, acting, directing and producing. DIM will place qualified leaders in congregations that express a desire for a dramatic arts ministry.

Each DIM leader will be required to reevaluate their affiliation with a congregation every five years. At the conclusion of this time, DIM may place the leader with another congregation. If, after an extended period of time, a DIM leader has been unable to train up a leader within a congregation to take over the church's drama ministry, DIM will attempt to place another leader within that congregation. Each DIM leader will also be required to volunteer their services with a local community theatre either in some annual capacity, or in at least one production per season. DIM leaders will be encouraged to complete a program of formal training in Christian ministry.

Through this comprehensive program, DIM hopes to eventually place a qualified dramatic arts leader within every congregation in this region, and to establish a tangible Christian presence within the dramatic community.

An orator speaks on his own behalf, or the behalf of other men. A preacher speaks for God, and for His glory; he has taken this on as his calling. DIM hopes to provide those to whom God has given talents in the dramatic arts the opportunity to choose involvement in a ministry they have not previously considered, and to use their talents for His glory rather than their own recognition…and the applause.

And like Philip, when the job is done, to go where God calls next!

Copyright (c) 2002 Greg & Jenn Wright