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Homecoming Wrap Report

The long-anticipated final installment of The Chi-Rho Files played to enthusiastic audiences at NCC December 4-7.  The two-hour episode tied up the loose ends of Investigations of the Unorthodox, The Assignment, and The Power Unleashed.  George Rosok made an outstanding directing debut on the production, a far cry from his appearance as the dull-witted Kenan in The Assignment.

Original cast members Greg Wright (Nico), Jenn Wright (Ana), Mike Brunk (Josh) and Dave Stark (Ham) smallerhomecoming.jpg - 17154 Bytes reprised roles from past installments.  Stefanie Kelly potrayed Doctor Geissler, an Empired spy who infiltrated the Goldbergs' home.  Raymond Jones played Ana and Perez' father, and newcomer Kathy Bledsoe portrayed their stroke-beset mother.  Rebekah Koch and Linda Woltz took turns playing Perez.

In the final script, both Ana and Perez find their way back to Philadelphia, where they find out the truth about their father:  that he was part of the Sanhedrin plot to kill Jesus.  Nico attempts to manipulate the secret into a faith-destroying revelation, only to have Ana turn the tables on him.  His own faith is destroyed, and the play closes with new converts Ana and Nico awaiting execution at the hands of the Empire.

Who could have seen such an end for these two during The Assignment?

Mike Brunk Directs at Redwood

For the last several years, Michael Brunk has turned Redmond's Redwood Theatre into a home-away-from-home.  This season, he nabbed the cherry of the schedule, a rollicking mystery-murder farce by Jack Sharkey, While the Lights Were Out .

The play concerns the goings-on at a Bermuda estate, and the rather bumbling efforts of the local officials to unravel the trail of clues left spattered across the stage.

The play features DIM regulars George lights.jpg - 13695 Bytes Rosok, Linda Woltz, Jenn Wright and Greg Wright -- George, Linda and Jenn making their community theatre debuts.  Greg returns to Redwood's stage after a hiatus of nearly a decade, appearing -- yet again -- as a detective.

The cast of the play also includes sometime-DIM players Michelle Tuck (Saint Joan) and Brandon Brown (King to Knight's Pawn).  Judy Schwanke (Saint Joan) once again serves as Stage Manager.

The play runs on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through February 8 at the Redmond Senior Center, then moves to the Lake City Elks Club for performances February 14 & 15.  For more information, call 206-525-3493, or see the Redwood Theatre website.

Don't miss this show!  It's a wild night of hilarity and fun.

Greg Wright Signs Book Contract

For the better part of three years, Greg has been volunteering his time covering the Lord of the Rings movies for the Hollywood Jesus website.  About a year ago, webmaster and site creator Pastor David Bruce suggested to Greg that he do a book on the subject, using the website's coverage as a springboard.

At the end of November, Greg signed a contract for publication of the book bookfront.jpg - 20124 Bytes (proposed cover design at left) with VMI Publishing, based in Sisters, Oregon. 

Unlike the Hollywood Jesus site, the book is specifically targeted at a Christian audience (though the publishers are planning for extensive cross-over appeal as well).  The book is not so much aimed at an analysis of J.R.R. Tolkien's novel, as it tries to suggest an objective basis for assessing the spiritual value of the work.  It also dissects the gamut of Christian reactions to Tolkien's novel, and suggests a strikingly new alternative for response.

VMI is targeting a July release for the book.  Watch for further news about availability.

Romania Mania

Last December, Greg and Jenn Wright joined singer-missionary Nia Jones and her manager Kevin Hoy on a trip to Oradea, Romania, where Nia's Smiles Club focuses much of its mission work.

While there, they teamed up with four other British mission supporters for several days of work with local Smiles Club staffers.  In addition to Operation Christmas Child shoebox distributions and continuing housing relief work for gypsies.jpg - 11952 Bytes poverty-stricken families, the team made extraordinay progress on Kevin and Nia's latest mission from God -- a school for the Gypsy village near Tileagd, a suburb of Oradea.

Since proposing the school project to the Gypsy headmen during the trip in December, Smiles has since received a commitment of support for the project from the Gypsy community, and has entered into agreement with a local bank to take over a manufacturing complex in receivership, for conversion into a school building.

Following Kevin's first public announcement of the project this week in Atlanta, $25,500 of the $27,000 needed to start the project has been pledged.  God is good!

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