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DIM has been silent for several months now; and while you may be interested to hear that activity is heating up again, you're probably wondering:  how have things changed?  What new things can we expect?

From an audience perspective, you can expect to continue to see high-quality, thought provoking, Biblically based entertainment.  There will probably be less of the light entertainment (such as Improv or Comedy Nights) for a while, however.

From a participant's perspective, we will be entering a new phase that's not all that dissimilar to the phase we went through a few years ago following production of A Quarter Measure.  At that point, DIM's cast of regulars had been well-prepared for "bigger and better" things, so over the next year we mounted full-scale productions of Saint Joan and A Man for All Seasons.  While regulars may have thought, "Oh, well. It was good while it lasted.  Now Greg's gonna go recruit the real actors," quite the opposite was true.  DIM's regulars actually set the tone for many of the "professionals" recruited for those plays.

We are now in a similar place with a new crew of players, who have also been put "through the paces" with the Chi Rho series, The Sign of Jonah, and our Comedy Nights.  And so we will be "raising the bar" a bit for those who want to take it to the next level, with longer rehearsals, and higher expectations for memorization, Bible study and participation in acting exercises.

Great things are ahead!!


The last issue of the now-defunct DIM News announced that I would be taking a "Sabbatical" from the drama ministry.  Many of you may be unfamiliar with the term or the concept, or may be surprised that I thought one was necessary, considering that DIM is neither "full time" nor a "job" for me.

Primarily, the concept is Biblical.  On the seventh day of creation, God rested and declared it the "Sabbath."  When He handed down The Law to the Israelites, He included many "Sabbath Laws" for His people, not only to remind them of His Creation and Rest, but of the need for rest in their own lives as well.

In modern terms, "sabbaticals" are most often practiced by academicians.  The sabbatical is considered a break or rest from teaching responsibilities; but it is not practiced religiously, in any sense of the word.

My recent years in ministry have been guided by the words of God as found in Scripture during daily readings.  In 2000, I was guided by the words, "Plow up your unplowed ground."  And so DIM was given to trying new things, while giving the old a rest.

When preparing for 2001, the seventh year of DIM's existence, I was convicted of the need to give the whole thing a rest.  And so the seventh year was given over (like the Sabbath year of rest God prescribed for the land) to lying fallow: to rest, recovery and regeneration.

May 2002, with God's blessing, bring new and vibrant life to the ministry!


If you're reading this, it's an inescapable fact for you that DIM now has a Web presence!  While the primary motivation for this move has been to provide a cheaper means of distributing the DIM newsletter, it also represents a very significant next step in expanding the services provided by the ministry.  Check back often, as the newsletter will be updated monthly, and the several web pages move from "Under Construction" status to varied stages of completion!


You just can't keep a good play down!  In 1999, the planned production of T.S. Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral was scrapped due to a certain fatigue within the group; and as it turned out, God had other things in mind as DIM moved down the path that led to the development of the Chi Rho trilogy.  But Eliot is back, and this summer, DIM will be presenting the play on July 26-28 as part of Normandy's annual Arts Fest.  Plan on attending an informational meeting Sunday, July 28, from 7-8 PM at NCC!

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