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If It's a Cathedral, Somebody Must be Dying

In 1948, T.S. Eliot was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in recognition of his contributions to 20th century poetry.  Part of the body of work which brought him this recognition was his tone-poem drama, Murder in the Cathedral.

The play recounts, in a stylized fashion, the events connected with the assassination of English Archbishop Thomas a Beckett.  Shortly after Christmas day, four knights stormed into the Canterbury cathedral, drew swords and spilled blood.  Outraged by the Archbishop's refusal to bow to his secular authority, King Henry Plantangenet has let fly with a verbal tirade against Becket, his former Chancellor, and the knights took it upon themselves to rid the King of this particularly holy thorn in his side.

Only after the deed was done did the world find out that Becket was truly the ascetic his outward ostententatious belied; and when miracles began to occur at the place his blood was spilt, even Henry himself submitted to ecclesiastical penance in honor the slain Archbishop, completing his pilgrimage to the site in bare feet and a hair shirt.

Eliot's self-consciously theatrical play examines Beckett's internal struggle, as the inevitable outcome of his moral stance becomes clear.

DIM will stage Murder in the Cathedral at 8 PM on July 26 & 27, and at 5 PM on July 28.  Call 206-241-6149 with further questions.  Performances at NCC, 908 S. 200th St., Des Moines.

The New Kids on the Block

DIM is frequently approached by children and young people (and sometimes their parents!) about involvement in the program.  Every once in a while, a teenager steps forward to make the significant commitment to join the troupe.  Remember Angela Monson in Balaam's Star, or Deanna Almont in The Terrible Meek ?

This summer, two of Normandy's teens are stepping out in a major way.

Jacob Rosok, whose father George has been working extensively with DIM for the last three years, will be making his debut at Normandy as one of the four dastardly knights who murder Archbishop Thomas a Becket in Murder in the Cathedral.  Jacob (and the whole Rosok family) marched as a knights in last year's Waterland Grand Parade entry, "Knights of the Kingdom."  The costume was a good fit, apparently, for Jacob, a budding drama student.

Erin Moore also has a long-standing interest in drama.  She will be appearing in Murder as the knights' messenger.  Erin and her brother Kyle have been active in the dramatic presentations put on as part of the children's programs at Normandy since they joined the chuch with parents Dan and Kristin Broughton (and litte brother Dante) three years ago.  The odds are that both Kyle and Dante will develop as actors, too!

Come support Erin and Jacob as they take steps to use their God-given talents in support of His ministry.  They'll be very glad you did -- and so will you!

More Website Updates

This month marks the debut of the History page on DIM's website.  If you check it out, I think you'll be surprised to see how much DIM has done over the last seven years.

Also appearing for the first time is the Newsletter Archives (below) and the first entry on the Actors page.

Got some news to share, a question to ask, or a favorite anecdote?  Send an email to greg@dramatic-insights.org as a contribution to a planned "Mail-Bag" column in upcoming newsletters!

Check back often, as the several web pages move from "Under Construction" status to varied stages of completion!

The SoulBlaze Connection

Earlier this year, Greg Wright volunteered his help with the Christian website soulblaze.com .  Greg supplies the site with a monthly devotional column using movies and videos as a starting place.  Check it out!

The SoulBlaze tagline is "Welcome to the Revolution," and the website vision is to be "where you come to spread and catch the vision of God and His kingdom.  It is a place to cultivate destiny.  A training camp for God's elite.  A meeting place for the warriors of our generation.  We want to represent Christ to the best of our ability."

The site is designed to keep young new Christians on fire for the Lord.

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