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Chi-Rho 4 Script in Development

In September, DIM expects to begin rehearsals on the fourth and final installment of the "Chi-Rho Files" series, which made its debut in January of 1999 as "Investigations of the Unorthodox.

The premise was developed by Mike Brunk and Greg Wright during a drive back from a Redwood Theatre rehearsal, and founded on the idea:  why couldn't we do some kind of a Christian sci-fi play?  During the conversation, a suggestion that the plot line and character relationships be modeled somewhat on "The X Files" took root, and "The Chi-Rho Files" emerged.

The visual representation of the Greek letter "chi" was borrowed in English to represtn the letter "X," and during the time of the early Christians, it was superimposed with the Greek letter "rho" as a visual code to identify the followers of Christ.  Chi and rho are the first two letters of "Christ" in the original Greek spelling.

So as the story line which later developed on a rainy weekend at Harstene Island, Patty, Daryl, Jenn and Greg fleshed out the basic concept:  that the persection of the early Christians is happening in a contemporary science-fictional setting, because Jesus was crucified in 1963!  Mike and Lyla helped flesh out the first script, which met with an unexpectedly enthusiastic response with audiences.

The story has now progressed to a fourth script, being written by Greg Wright based on story ideas developed by the group at a story conference at the Doubletree Inn in 2000.

The final script wraps up the story of Perez' and Ana's return to Philadelphia, and Nico's fate.  Watch the website for more Chi-Rho teasers!

Raymond Jones Nabs Key Role

Starting August 30 and wrapping on September 15, long-time DIM associate Raymond Jones can be seen on stage at the Mountaineers' Forest Theatre in William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night .

Raymond was cast in the production during rehearsals of Murder in the Cathedral, and at one point was rushing from all-day rehearsals in Bremerton to evening rehearsals at NCC!

Thanks to his God-given talent, his hard work, and a untimely illness for a cast-mate, Raymond was offered the opportunity to give up the two minor roles he originally played: and step up to his favored role, Malvolio.

Since showing up for an open audition for Saint Joan in 1997, Raymond has been one of DIM's most conscientious performers (and kindliest cast-mates!).  After anchoring the cast of Joan with his performance as Cauchon, he came back the following year as Cromwell in A Man for All Seasons, and has since been seen as the Butcher in The Sign of Jonah and, most recently, the Third Knight in Murder in the Cathedral.

Raymond's acting resume is long beyond all telling, but suffice to say that his output as an actor has been prodigious.  And he is hardly new to Shakespeare as an actor, either, having appeared as the Duke in Redwood's Measure for Measure, among other productions.

DIM has benefitted greatly from Raymond's experience.  Show support for this wonderful brother by checking out his peformance with the Mountaineers!

Full information about the production can be found at:  foresttheatre.com!

Greg Wright Delivers Message

Craig Fraley began his work as Senior Minister at Normandy Christian Church this August, concluding the work of the congregations Search Team.

The last Sunday of July, DIM's founder, Greg Wright, was given the opportunity to conclude NCC's interim period by delivering the message at both services.  If you've never heard Greg preach, check out the July 28 entry of Normandy's sermon library at normandycc.org/normandycc/sermons .

Feedback on Our Murder

Audiences may not have been large for Murder in the Cathedral, but they were very, very appreciative.  After a shaky first act on opening night, the cast settled down into a very solid run .  The Saturday night performance was particularly tight.

Long-time fan and (sleepy) critic Milton Koch gave Murder the highest ratings yet!  And he was not alone.  In many ways, Murder was one of DIM's best productions.  Thanks to all!

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