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NEWS ARCHIVES September 2004

Greg in Print Again

This month, Hollywood Jesus Books is releasing Greg's second title related to Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson in Perspective, a follow-up to last year's Tolkien in Perspective (VMI Publishers), is a collection of Greg's essays and lectures regarding Peter Jackson's filmed adaptation of The Lord of the Rings.

ThumbnailCover.jpg - 7283 BytesAdvance reaction to the book has been impressive. Tolkien fansite TheOneRing.net has called it "a must-read for Peter Jackson fans and film enthusiasts," while Ethics Daily has raved, "Amazing stuff!" and Internet for Christians calls it the "Best commentary on the films I have read, hands-down."

The book is the first title from Hollywood Jesus Books, a new publishing venture for Greg and Jenn Wright. In addition, the first annual collection of reviews from HollywoodJesus.com will be published in October.

For more information about Jackson in Perspective, or to order a copy, visit Hollywood Jesus, or contact Greg directly. Barnes and Noble and other online dealers will begin taking orders in a couple of weeks.

The Burien Library will be hosting a release party for the book from 1:30 to 4:30 PM on Sunday September 26. Join us!!

Jenn in Pain Again

Over the last few years in Jenn Wright's life, God has very pointedly brought home the need, as James notes in his epistle, to humbly say, "We'll go to thus and such a place, and do this or that -- God willing!" Once again, the better laid plans of mice and men have been derailed. In Jenn's own words,

We found out a couple of weeks ago that I do not have an ulcer. On Wednesday (9/8) I had a gastric emptying study to see if the symptoms were related to a problem with my stomach’s ability to empty itself, and sure enough, that seems to be where the trouble lies. Today I spoke with the doctor and he confirmed that the study indicated markedly delayed emptying. Gastroparesis (the technical term) is not exactly a “good” diagnosis... There is no "real" treatment (just “management”) and the only medication which is helpful to some patients (Reglan) is the only medication with which I get severe adverse effects. SO... We’re about to begin the trial-and-error of treatment options now, hoping to find something that will get my guts to empty in a reasonable amount of time (right now it takes my stomach about 8 ¼ hours to let go of what a normal stomach rids itself of in 90 minutes). Our main concern in the meantime is getting my weight stabilized (later we’ll worry about gaining it back!) so I can continue to function reasonably well.

Please keep Jenn's ongoing health concerns in your prayers!

Mike Directs This Winter

Continuing his award-winning run of work with Redmond's Redwood Theatre, Mike Brunk will be directing Larry Shue's classic comedy, The Nerd.

Mike has a natural knack for comedy -- both performing and directing (if you didn't catch his performance as "Spot" in Domestic Tranquility last year, you really missed something!) -- so this could be the highlight of Redwood's season once again.

Mike has also stepped out in front of the footlights at Redwood this season, accepting the position of Vice President -- which puts him in charge of the playreading committee! If you've got some bright ideas, be sure to let him know...

Auditions for Mike's show at Redwood will be this December. Check their website for details a bit later on...

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Back to School

Flexibility. It's all about flexibility.

Early in August, Greg received a fairly urgent call from Mark Krause, Provost at PSCC (now in Everett). Would Greg be available, Mark wondered, to teach English Literature at the college for Fall Semester?

Between writing, publishing, speaking engagements and landscape maintenance (and caring for his wife's health), Greg keeps pretty busy these days. But the college was flexible about teaching hours, so every Tuesday morning this fall Greg hops a bus for Everett!

It's Greg's second stint as an instructor at the college -- from which both he and Jenn received degrees during the last decade. Greg also taught drama there from 1999 to 2002.

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