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Inside The Chi-Rho Files

The future is now, and the past is as well!

The long-anticipated final installment of The Chi-Rho Files is no longer a vague portent; we are now in rehearsal for performances scheduled December 4-7.  Launched on a rainy weekend in late 1998, the Files will close with a full-length episode tying up the loose ends of Investigations of the Unorthodox, The Assignment, and The Power Unleashed.  The final installment is entitled, Homecoming.

Original cast members Greg Wright (Nico), Jenn Wright (Ana), Mike Brunk (Josh) and Dave Stark (Ham) will be reprising roles from past installments.  Utility-infielder Stefanie Kelly (veteran of three different roles in the series) will perform as Doctor Geissler, a role written expressly for Stef.  Long-time DIM associate Raymond Jones will make his first appearance in the series, as will Jacob Rosok (4th Tempter in Murder in the Cathedral) and newcomers Kathy Bledsoe and Rebekah Koch.

The series is an intriguing blend of science fiction, church history, drama and evanglism, designed to prompt questions like:  What was it like to be a part of the early church?  How much does my faith really mean to me?  What have I forsaken to follow Jesus?  Am I really ready to be persecuted for my faith?

Mark the dates on your calendar now!

Roman(ian) Holiday

This winter, Greg and Jenn Wright will be traveling to Europe to support a mission trip to Romania.  In fact, they will be boarding a plane to Amsterdam the day after Homecoming closes.  (Many will note the irony of leaving home the day afterward!)

Their first stop will be a long-delayed visit to Scotland, a sort of postponed honeymoon.  From there, they will travel to London to meet singer/missionary Nia Jones and her manager, Kevin Hoy.  Together the four will fly to Budapest, Hungary, then drive to Oradea, Romania, where Nia's Smiles Club focuses much of its mission work.

While there, the team will be meeting with local officials to lay groundwork for a housing relief project for poverty-stricken families.  Romania was one the hardest-hit countries after the fall of the USSR, and has never economically recovered.  Poor families are often faced with the choice of making their $4 (that's right, $4) monthly rent payment, or buying wood for heating, or medicine for dying children.

Greg and Jenn are Board Members of Global Music Ministries, the commercial fundraising arm for Nia's mission work.

Please pray for Greg and Jenn, and for the people of Romania, during these very troubled times.  Travel may be very dangerous for Americans in the months ahead.

The Redwood Connection

Mike Brunk is once again set to direct with Redmond's Redwood Theatre.  This winter, the play of choice will be While the Lights Were Out , a murder mystery spoof by Jack Sharkey.

Mike has directed several award-winning shows at Redwood, including Ten Little Indians and Don't Drink the Water (featuring our own Dave Stark).  Remember:  one of DIM's goals is to get Christians working in the community.  So follow Mike's example by following Mike!  Auditions have been set for December 2 and 4.  See the Redwood website for more info, or corner Mike.

Our Newest Member 

Rebekah Koch may seem new to DIM, but she's certainly not new to drama; and actually not to DIM, either!

In DIM's 1997 production of Saint Joan, Rebekah was featured as one of the French Court members.  Her senior year at Seattle Christian, she appeared in a production of Twelve Angry Men as one of the jurors.  She also did an astonishing job of portraying a blind girl while in Junior High in a short play the youth at NCC performed.

Rebekah is in her Senior Year at SPU, known for its great actors!

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