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NEWS ARCHIVES October 2003

In The Spirit

Michael Brunk, the hardest working director in the Northwest, is still at it. Coming off a year when Mike directed The Singer for World Stage Ministries and While the Lights Were Out for Redwood Theatre, and acted in Homecoming for DIM, Mike is continuing his string of award-winning efforts by directing the Noel Coward classic Blithe Spirit at Redwood.

The play is a gentle farcical account of a seance gone wrong. When the conjured dead wife of a writer actually shows up, and then refuses to leave, problems arise in the marital bliss of the household. According to Mike, it's been a joy working with a truly professional script. He is so confident of this spirit.gif - 67682 Bytesproduction, in fact, that he's taking Hell Week off -- well, not really. But he has been called out of town on business, and left the production in the capable hands of assistant Andy Carroll. A good script, Mike says, almost directs itself.

Oddly enough, DIM founder Greg Wright made his directorial debut at Redwood a decade ago with Blithe Spirit, filling a gap in the schedule at the last minute.

Blithe Spirit runs October 17 thru November 1 at Redwood Theatre in Redmond. Tickets are $10, with Senior Citizen, Student and group discounts available. Further information is available at the Redwood Theatre web site. Check out Mike's new show!

In Good Health

In May of this year, DIM announced plans for a summer melodrama, and the launching of a new mobile theatre troupe.  Then, trouble hit.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Jenn Wright was struck with a severe illness that went undiagnosed for nearly three months.  In the meantime, Jenn's weight dropped thirty pounds, she lost a contract for web development, and every consideration not related to literally keeping Jenn alive went out the window.

In mid-August, after a life-threatening visit to the emergency room at Highline Hospital, Jenn was finally diagnosed with a severe duodenal ulcer and a prolific h. pylori infestation of the stomach.  Oddly enough, Jenn exhibited none of the classic ulcer symptoms.

Because Jenn's weight dropped so drastically, doctors have only recently begun the first phase of antibiotic treatment for the bacteria, while waiting for the ulcer to subside.

As Jenn's health has been making first steps toward recovery (which still remains months away), she has been learning about new callings from God: to a new job as Unit Secretary at the Regional Hospital in Riverton Heights, and to a new ministry through website Hollywood Jesus.

Not only has Jenn begun contributing reviews of such movies as The Fighting Temptations, she will begin partnering next year with husband Greg on the multi-year coverage of the Narnia movies.

The year has been extremely difficult -- physically, financially and spiritually.  But it has also yielded great blessing.  We may have our own plans in life, but they often differ from God's; and sometimes, He has to go great lengths to get our attention!

In Absentia

So what does DIM do when its plans get derailed, when God steps in and takes the reins?  After last December's production of the final Chi-Rho chapter, Homecoming, DIM has been pretty silent -- and by necessity, in part.  For eight years, most of DIM's programming was coordinated with seasonal events at Normandy Christian Church: Good Friday, Arts Fest, Christmas.

When making the move away from Normandy, however, in faithfulness to God's calling to a writing ministry, DIM founder Greg Wright knew that planning would be difficult.  The prolonged illness of wife Jenn then threw a big wrench in the works. frontcover_mini.jpg - 67682 BytesWhen Greg wasn't carefully monitoring Jenn's health, the little remaining spare time went into the final publication details of his first book.  Tolkien in Perspective, from VMI Publishers, was introduced at the Christian Booksellers Association convention in Orlando in July, and Greg has been very active promoting the book since.

Jenn keeps Greg motivated, too.  Though he would just as soon keep a low profile and move on to the next book, Jenn reminds him that it's not about him -- it's about the book, and the message it has for the church.

Besides, the book has opened up new avenues of ministry for Greg, while planned DIM activities remain on hold.

Look for a return to form in 2004!

In Other Words

Ordinarily, published scripts are handled as commercial commodities.  When performed, they bring income from two sources: script sales, and performance royalties.

In Christian drama circles, this often takes a slightly different form: script clearing houses, which charge a membership fee for unlimited access to online scripts (performance royalties included).

So what does DIM do with its scripts, when many are co-authored, and there is no corporation to handle financial transactions?

For most of DIM's existence, this has been a moot issue.  Script publication has never pariticularly been a part of DIM's mission, and there have always been other things to pay attention to.

This summer, though, the magic of internet search engines brought the subject to the fore.  How much, a drama minister in Georgia asked, whould the script for Mary Had a Little Lamb be?  A search engine had brought up a link to the DIM website, and browsing the website led to the discover of script titles on the History page.

So an answer was needed. Greg's first instinct was to merely send off the script for free -- then a thought occurred to him.

DIM might not be particularly interested in income, but other charitable organizations certainly would!  Greg and Jenn had just done a presentation on the work of Global Music Ministries, and the solution was evident.  Starting this fall, DIM scripts and performance rights are now available in exchange for a tax-deductible donation to Global Music Ministries.

Copyright (c) 2002, 2003  Greg & Jenn Wright